Acceptance Speech: #Feathers10 African Feather Award Honouree 2018

Denis Nzioka

On being named honoree of the 2018 Africa Feather Award by Feather Awards 2018 – South Africa’s LGBTI Awards

Poet. Lunatic. Lover.

Thambi Dish, members of the Feathers Awards, distinguished guests, viewers, and all present tonight.

I wish the Feather Awards to know that I am as delighted as I am honoured. And, I am honoured.

The lives of sexual and gender minority Africans have enraptured me when I was growing up, in part, because I was this community. Now, as I totter into antiquity, their lives, stories, and experiences, enrapture me still.

Having given ten years, as it were, to amplifying and telling differently, LGBTIQ and sex workers’ stories, voices, and experiences in Kenya, and in Africa, I am able to think.

I think of our colleagues, our families, our allies, our lovers, partners, our friends, now gone, who played their parts in getting us here. Kato. Nana. Simelane. Lembembe. Nkoli. Mjomba. Mamicha. Rabina. Nogwaza. There are many others.

I think of the sumptuous passions, and prodigious stories, alive and well and with us now. I think of the astonishing young, the gifted and able young persons, different, sexually, gender-wise, and expressively, who I meet practically everyday, interact and share with, and from whom I grab energy and resilience in handfuls.

I think of my own home and of the loves and friendships I’ve known here, for more than a third of century, and of how much they have given to me both personally, privately and professionally.

And, I am deeply thankful!

And now, at this last, you have given me this delightful shock. You are very good.

Good night and all the best in every imaginable way!

Published by Denis Nzioka

Denis Nzioka is a sexual, and gender minorities activist. His focus is on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, men who have sex with other men, and sex workers in Kenya, and Africa.

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  1. it goes without saying ,”Be stiil my soul, your(LGBTQI) time is coming..”
    For the same people we ridicule, are the same people who adopt the children we sire and dispose recklessly.
    An act of human well deserved Sir!!!
    Kenia ondersteun jou!!