#RafikiZetu: Kenyan LGBTIQ Stories, as told, by Allies – Order your copy!

What is #RafikiZetu? “Rafiki Zetu: Kenyan LGBTIQ Stories, as told by Allies”, is an anthology book, edited, and published, by Denis Nzioka. It was published in February 2019. ‘Rafiki Zetu’ is Swahili for ‘Our friends,’ a term often applied to allies. #RafikiZetu features articles, poems, short stories, and a play by allies – Kenyans who […]

Why Key Populations in Kenya are opposed to biometrics

Why does the Government want to know where you live, what you do, who you sleep with? Whereas efforts to estimate the size, track HIV prevalence, and understand HIV knowledge among Key populations (men who have sex with men, sex workers, and those who use or inject drugs), and for these populations to get sufficient […]

#PrideSoWhite – We are tired of those Pride events in your high-walled embassies!

“Oh, there you go, have a seat, Mademoiselle.” – Anonymous   Nairobi, July 10 Authors: Nje-ri, Nzioka   #PrideMonth We are tired of those Pride events in your high-walled embassies Recently, a UK agency staff posted a picture of her, and her colleagues with a rainbow flag in their background celebrating #PrideMonth. It was captioned: ‘Celebrating love and […]

(More) gay dating apps are not the solution

  The other day, I got called To a meeting With some high end entrepreneurs Canadian Had the solution to all gay African problems Kenyans to begin with Ha!   App Yes, an App To meet other gays Like Grindr But theirs was ‘better’ Safer More control   They went meeting the people tour Kisumu. […]

Essay Submission: Book on Allies speaking out for LGBTIQ persons in Kenya

Are you a pro-gay Kenyan? Do you believe in LGBTIQ rights? Do you identify as an ally? Are you a parent, colleague, relative, work make, activist, cleric, who supports the rights of Kenyan LGBTIQ persons? Talk to us!