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This gay debate ‘is over’ says Kenya Government


Finally, Majority Leader in Parliament - representing President Uhuru's Jubilee Coalition - MP Aden Duale has responded to the question: Why has the Government not locked up all (practicing) homosexuals as the law says? Why has the Government not used its agencies to hunt down homosexuals who say they are homosexual in public? Why has the Government not 'allocated' money to fight gays as it has malaria, corruption, maternal health, poaching and other social issues?

Well, on Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Mr Aden Duale was in Parliament to respond to these and other questions that legislators has posed for him earlier on. Of course, the 'homosexual' response was the first item of business for the MPs. You can check the video HERE.

Duale responded that homosexuality was as 'serious' as terrorism and should be addressed with the seriousness that Kenya is addressing terrorism (you know, hire more police, conduct raids at night, move all refugees to designated camps, place a shoot-to-kill order, among other things) saying “We need to go on and address this issue the way we want to address terrorism... It’s as serious as terrorism. It’s as serious as any other social evil.”

When pressed to answer why Kenya does not enact new laws to deal with this equal-to-terrorism threat, Duale defended the Government saying the current laws were sufficient to deal with the ‘threat’ and insisted that the government had not failed to enforce anti-gay legislation.

He further said that the police had not found any organisations 'openly promoting' homosexuality in the country.

“We do not need to go the Uganda way, we have the constitution and the penal code to deal with homosexuality, and so this debate is finished, we will not be enacting any new tougher laws,” Duale added.

Surprisingly - even to activists who spoke to The Essential Denis Nzioka, Duale said '595 cases of homosexuality had been investigated in Kenya since 2010' when a new constitution was adopted, and courts had convicted or acquitted the accused.

[Editor's Note: Efforts to track these 595 cases have proved futile. Its is likely, and this is a view held by activists who have following on this development, that these so called '595 cases of homosexuality' are nothing more than cases involving 'defiliment' 'rape' 'beastility' or even SGBV cases. Whereas we cannot authoritatively rule out that some of the cases involved same sex persons or acts, the Kenya Government has an aptitude for making up lists of fake cases.]

Back to Duale. So, after that response, some MPs gave rejoinders. Here are some:

MP, Alois Lentoimaga, asking: “Can’t we just be brave enough, seeing that we are a sovereign state, and outlaw gayism and lesbianism, the way Uganda has done?” [Of course, we have taken the trouble of saying what MP Lentoimaga was really saying. If you want a hilarious look at how he calls or pronounces 'gaysim' and 'lesbianism' please have a look at this video.]

MP John Serut, while giving his point, said that his constituency has seen an 'big influx' of gays from Uganda after President Museveni signed the Anti Homosexuality Bill. 'How do we identify them if they are crossing from Uganda,' Aden Duale replied to MP Serut.

Homabay County MP Gladys Wanga said that there is need to address the issue as HIV/AIDS cases 'have been on the increase among homosexuals.'

The debate seemed to 'calm' the one legislator who has been very vocal in pushing for a anti-gay legislation in Kenya, Kiharu MP Irungu Kanga'ata. Reports indicate that he welcomed the statement by Duale saying 'it is a clear indication that Kenya is ahead of Uganda in implementing laws against homosexuality.'

Duale reiterated that Kenya will not go the Uganda way and said the debate (on whether to have an anti gay law) was over.

"We do not need to go the Uganda way, we have the constitution and the penal code to deal with homosexuality, and so this debate is finished, we will not be enacting any new tougher laws," Duale said.

So, is it now over?

Here is rabid anti-gay MP Irungu Kang'ata facial expression after his efforts to ensure homosexuals are arrested flopped.

'Is it over now? I cannot believe the homosexuals have won. (Reflecting on Arnold Schwarzenegger)... I will be BACK!'

'Is it over now? I cannot believe the homosexuals have won. (Reflecting on Arnold Schwarzenegger)... I will be BACK!'


March 13, 2014

“Neither the Bible nor the Koran advocated for gays and lesbianism.”

“If the U.S. agenda to Africa is to sell same sex marriages then Kenyans are better off with the consequences of electing the Jubilee Government.” Aden Duale, July 1, 2013 while addressing a crowd in Teso.

Aden Duale, who in the past criticized President Obama for what he said was Obama's 'selling' of same sex marriage to Africa, has come out to react to a Parliament order to explain why gays were not behind bars.

Immediately after the Speaker of Parliament allowed for request for a statement from Majority Leader, Aden Duale over why there is no enforcement of anti gay laws in Kenya, Duale has responded (officially) and asked for 45 days to come up with the answer.

According to reports, Duale, has been given one and half months to deliver a comprehensive response to the House at the behest by MP Irungu Kang'ata who wanted to know why various organs of the National Government did not enforce the arrest of gay people as stipulated by law.

“The Majority Leader should report to and inquire into; reasons for the non-enforcement of anti-gays laws, whether there are any organisations that are championing violation of the aforementioned law and if they are registered, what steps are being taken by the government to de-register or curtail such organisations’ activities,” Kangata demanded.

Saying it was a 'controversial' matter, Duale said, “I need to make trips both to the neighboring countries and to more developed nations, because I need to consult across the borders how this thing can be handled.”

“Mr Speaker you will indulge me if by one and half months I will not have an answer then you will give two or three years.”

So, in 45 days we will know what the Government position is on homosexuality and perhaps offer a reason why around 5-10% of Kenyans are not behind bars.

[NB: Aden Duale is not new to this matter. I mean homosexuality. Addressing residents during the homecoming party of Teso South MP, Mary Emase, in mid 2013, Duale said Kenyans were religious people who believed in family values and Obama’s endorsement to same sex orientation was likely to rub the society the wrong way. Quotes of what he said - verbatim - are generously republished at the top of this article.]
Kiharu MP Irungu Kang’ata makes a point during a mid February press conference in which concerns were raised about gays in Kenya. He is with is Kasarani counterpart John Njoroge. Photo/Samuel Kariuki

Kiharu MP Irungu Kang’ata makes a point during a mid February press conference in which concerns were raised about gays in Kenya. He is with is Kasarani counterpart John Njoroge. Photo/Samuel Kariuki


March 11, 2014

RELIABLE sources within the Parliament of Kenya have indicated that a draft bill prohibiting same sex relationships and acts is 'looming' when a legislator sought a statement on the enforcement of anti-gay laws today afternoon, Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

Kiharu Member of Parliament, Irungu Kang'ata requested - and was granted - to request a statement from Parliament on why various organs of the Government were not enforcing anti gay laws as stipulated in the Penal Code.

According to the official Parliament of Kenya records, the Speaker, Hon Justin Muturi, allowed Kang'ata to request a statement from thee Leader of the Majority Party, Aden Duale, 'regarding alleged enforcement of anti-gay laws in Kenya by various organs of the National Government.'

Hon Kang'ata has been leading an onslaught since early this year against what he terms as 'increased' and 'brazen' show of publicity by the gay community.

“We are calling on the police to arrest those practising these immoral behaviour and if they fail to do so citizens will be called to do it themselves,” Kang’ata told a press conference at Parliament Buildings in February, 2014.

The legislator are reported to have formed an anti-homosexuality caucus in Parliament to push for the enactment of new (subsidiary) legislation against same sex persons in Kenya.

According to impeccable sources, the legislator, in his request for a statement today, wants the National Security Committee of the National Assembly to summon the Attorney-General, head of the National Security Intelligence Service, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Registrar General of Companies to explain how homosexual persons appear on public (and on live TV and radio), and why some gay organisations are reputed to have been registered and are operating within Kenya. He also seeks to ask why those gay people who declare they are gay in public and in media, are not arrested for contravening the laws of Kenya.

“Unless the law is amended, acts of gayism or promotion of such activities will remain illegal in the same manner stealing or killing is illegal. If need be, we are ready to strengthen the law to curb any breaches,” he is quoted as saying recently.

The anti gay Parliament caucus is comprised of among others, legislators Irungu Kang’ata (Kiharu), Julius Ndegwa (Lamu West), John Njoroge (Kasarani), Clement Wambugu (Mathioya) and Stephen Kinyanjui (Kinangop). Other legislators reputed to support this include Limuru MP John Kiragu.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that during the month of February, members of Maendeleo ya Wanaume, who have been organising social actions against homosexuality, are meeting to strategise on how to conduct 'raids' in offices of LGBTI and sex work organisations accompanied by the media.

According to sources present at these 'strategy meetings' and who cannot be named for fear of reprisals, the lobby group intends to 'mobilise youth, raid gay offices and arrest youths engaging in gayism and lesbianism and hand them to the police.' They intend to make a fiasco by inviting media and journalists during these 'raids,' our source told Denis Nzioka.

Several other planning meetings have been held since January this year with the latest meeting being held late last week. Usually held at Freedom corner in Uhuru Park, our sources say, those present are promised 'goodies' for their efforts.

In documents seen by Denis Nzioka, the youths are promised to have businesses opened for them and their houses paid for as well as study opportunities and security if they mobilise and attack gay offices and help in 'outing' others to the group.

It is further reported that at a March 3 meeting, the organiser of the meeting, Maendeleo ya Wanaume's chairman, Nderitu Njoka is quoted as saying 'we have a group of pastors and a politician who have promised to give you (those present) whatever they needed' to carry out these anti gay actions. (Emphasis ours)

Among the issues discussed at this meeting were:

a) To organise a demonstration (for the coming Monday) [NB: this never materialised due to logistical problems] b) To storm offices of gay and sex work organisations, clubs and other spaces where (real or perceived) homosexuals frequent.
c) To 'get hold' of suspected gays. NB: 'to get hold' connotes violence, assault and arrests

It is further said that among those present at this meeting, several ex gay members were present who were promised money if they 'recruited more gays to go public against homosexuality, that is, to say and 'expose' secrets of the homosexual community and lifestyle.'

Members were also asked to be 'open' to the Government and churches on where the offices of gay organisations are located and 'activities that normally take place in the said offices.'

The group present was provided with personal cell phone number of Nderitu Njoka, the Chairman of Maendeleo ya Wanaume as well as key coordinators of the movement who are charged with the onslaught against homosexuality in Kenya. These first names of these individuals as well as phone numbers of media outlets that are being engaged to accompany during the said 'raids' were also provided according to records seen by Denis Nzioka.

[NB: Following reports of the imminent 'raids' by this group, several clinics, offices and centers serving gay and lesbian persons were forced to shut down fearing attacks. The Cabinet Secretary for Health, James Macharia in a statement this month said, “There is increased fear, stigma, discrimination and potential acts of violence against the key populations, further limiting access to health services while continuing with risky behaviors.”]

According to various persons interviewed for this report, it is said that MP Kang'ata sought the statement from Parliament today to 'cunningly' introduce a Private members's Bill on homosexuality for Parliament to debate and hopefully, accept.

His purpose for today's request was so that, depending on the response report by Majority Leader, Aden Duale, who it is further said may adopt a neutral stand and say that 'anti gay laws are difficult to enforce,' MP Kang'ata is likely to offer a solution to this 'difficulty in enforcement' by a subsidiary legislation in the form of a private members's Bill.

In addition, reports indicate the ongoing 'Zuia Sodom Kabisa' (Prevent Sodomy at all costs) campaign - that seeks to collect one million signatures against homosexuality has garnered support after it was officially sent and published in various churches for the past two March Sundays in their services.

“The penal code that outlaws homosexuality in Kenya is being flouted by the homosexual society citing the Bill of Rights enshrined in our constitution,” Jasiel Njau of the Save Our Men Initiative said, The Star reported.

A press statement from the organisers, Save Our Men Initiative, demands that the 'homosexual community should not be given the space to tell their stories or even determine how they want to be depicted in the public eye.'

Statement: 'ZUIA SODOM KABISA' - One Million signatures against homosexuality in Kenya

Statement: 'ZUIA SODOM KABISA' - One Million signatures against homosexuality in Kenya

Statement: 'ZUIA SODOM KABISA' - One Million signatures against homosexuality in Kenya

Statement: 'ZUIA SODOM KABISA' - One Million signatures against homosexuality in Kenya

You can read and access Parliament's records of MP Kang'ata's request for a statement, today (Mar 11, 2014) Tuesday March - 11, 2014.

Or likewise view highlighted section below...

"2. Statement No. 049/2014: by Hon. Irungu Kang’ata, MP, to the Leader of the  Majority Party regarding alleged enforcement of anti-gay laws in Kenya by various organs  of the National Government."

"2. Statement No. 049/2014: by Hon. Irungu Kang’ata, MP, to the Leader of the
Majority Party regarding alleged enforcement of anti-gay laws in Kenya by various organs
of the National Government."

March 1, 2014

Various lobby groups against homosexuality have teamed up condemning Western governments for what they say is 'propagating' homosexuality in Africa as they vowed to fight it by all ways to 'save the African boy-child.'

The group's anti-homosexuality camapign dubbed 'Zui Sodom Kabisa'(Prevent Sodom At All Costs) "Save the family, save the youth, save the men, save Kenya" said it intends to collect one million signatures to petition Parliament and the Judiciary to protect the Constitution from being subjected to liberal interpretation in favor of homosexuals.

The groups is comprised of groups such as Save Our Men Initiative (SOMI), Maendeleo ya Wanaume, Religious groups, Council of Elders and Legal professionals as well as individuals.

A PHOTO gallery of their press conference can be viewed HERE with additional reporting.

Feb 20 - Several human rights and civil society organisations have come out to strongly oppose any attempt by MPs to further outlaw homosexuality.

Mr Ken Wafula of the National Association of Human Rights Activists told the Daily Nation that the laws being cited by MPs would not stand the constitutional threshold which outlaws sexual discrimination. In fact, he claimed that charging anyone under the cited laws would open up an avenue to successfully challenge them in court.

Further, Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) Deputy Director, Davis Malombe said the government crackdown on minorities was rolling back gains made to safeguard universal human rights.

News just in confirm that there will be a demonstration against homosexuality organised by the lobby group, Maendeleo ya Wanaume (MYW).

Dubbed “Not in Africa” the demo been planned for February 24, according to Nderitu Njoka from MYW announced on Tuesday.

Speaking to journalists in Nairobi, Mr Njoka said the 'phenomenal growth' for gay and lesbian rights was alarming and has become a threat to the social fabric of the African continent.

VIDEO of Kenyan MPs calling for the arrest of gay activists.

In addition, according to other reports, the legislators have formed a caucus to fight gayism in Kenya. It was launched on Tuesday to coordinate all plans and activities meant to oppose any form of homosexuality.

According to a report carried in the Standard, several MPs are planning to summon the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions over the alleged laxity in enforcing provisions in the law that criminalise same sex acts.

The three MPs allied to the Jubilee Coalition of Government, Irungu Kangata (Kiharu), John Njoroge (Kasarani) and Julius Ndegwa (Lamu West) said they were 'appalled' by recent activities of pro- gay groups in public. This comes after gay activists protested anti-gay laws in Uganda and Nigeria at their High Commissions in Nairobi.

“We will be raising this question in the floor of the house and have the DPP and AG summoned to explain why police have failed to arrest perpetrators of these crimes,” MP Kangata said while likening gay activities to crime of stealing or murder.

The legislators also called into question why those Kenyans who openly declared they are homosexual - such as Binyavanga Wainaina - were not arrested.

If Kenya is not Uganda or Nigeria, why are we at the brink of legislating laws that further criminalise same sex sexualities?

Kenya will soon follow Uganda and Nigeria in enacting new anti-gay laws, my crystal ball predicts. And it might be sooner than you expect.

According to several media reports on radio and TV, several lobby groups, politicians and religious associations, have come out publicly to call for stricter – read, extreme – laws against homosexuality in the country. Unfortunately, 90% of Kenyans support their decision if a Pew Research on attitudes towards homosexuality in Kenya is anything to go by.

In December 2013, I highlighted 10 African countries that were going the Nigeria and Uganda way in proposing, debating, enacting and assenting new laws that targeted same sex sexualities among men and women.

Out of these 10 countries, Kenya was not among them. How could it be? Kenya, according to several analysts, ranks only second to South Africa when it comes to (passive) recognition of homosexuality.

How wrong I was. I must dust my crystal ball. Or get new oracles.

Bishop Mark Kariuki is the Chairman of the East Africa Center of Law and Justice, an anti-gay, anti-abortion outfit; here he is seen with jay Sekulow, a US based Evangelical preacher who has supported anti-gay efforts in non-US countries

Bishop Mark Kariuki is the Chairman of the East Africa Center of Law and Justice, an anti-gay, anti-abortion outfit; here he is seen with jay Sekulow, a US based Evangelical preacher who has supported anti-gay efforts in non-US countries

Pressure Mounts

Since 2007 – and coincidentally the same time when the gay and lesbian community was ‘coming out’ – there has been several attempts by individuals, activists and groups to not only rouse up Kenyans over homosexuality but push for harsher, stricter – possibly extreme – laws against homosexuality.

Consider, for example, Project SEE , an American organisation, that has been campaigning against homosexuality and abortion in Kenya. They took things further in 2008/9 when they designed posters calling for the murder of the then most visible gay activist at that time, David Kuria .

They were followed closely by a not-so-well known blog, Kenyans Against Homosexuality who have been, since February 2009, posting anti-homosexuality information and ‘debunking’ every argument known to man for homosexuality. Deeply (outdated) research-based and relying on ‘scientific’ data, the blog has been using its platform to challenge and argue over (the origin and acceptance of) homosexuality.

In 2011/12, I was able to detail the influence – subtle at first – of American evangelical churches in the rising anti-gay wave that is sweeping Kenyan in 2014.

The East Africa Center for Law and Justice waded into the homosexuality arena when it published several articlesfrom 2010 – on homosexuality. Clearly leaning towards not accepting homosexuality, the heavily US Evangelical funded, supported organsiation continued with its anti-gay literary all through to 2013 .

In 2012, a new outfit - National Conservative Forum (NCF) – emerged from the woods to tount itself as an organization that holds primal ‘family values.’ For the unlettered, ‘family values’ is a nice way of saying you don’t support reproductive health for women (mostly abortion) and homosexuality.

The NCF first took issue with the Chief Justice, Willy Mutunga, saying he was not fit for office. In fact, so brazen were they that they undertook a smear campaign against Mutunga saying he a homosexual and thus not fit for office. They lost.

This is a tweaked email from a well known gay activist and human rights lawyer that explains what is going on.

There is a group calling itself 'Save our Men' who have since approached the GEMA political front of the ruling Jubilee Coalition asking for legislation similar to Uganda and Nigeria - no promotion, no exhibition or expression, no association, e.t.c. of same sex sexualities.

Sources from Parliament inform us that while they might discuss it (if this push gains traction), the legislators will only go on with it if there is money involved (we know that these Evangelicals who are pushing this are rich).

Also, on the court corridors, we have been promised by the Attorney General's office and his National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) propaganda friends that they will smear and distract our equality campaign, including using queer persons against us. Case in point? They say they have such cooperating queers in Thika who they refused to name (it could also be hot air from NSIS who have been making random interesting calls to us since we started litigating).

'I am a homosexual' - Binyavanga Wainaina declared. However, some opponents argue there is an attempt to 'convert' others into homosexuality using Art (writing, poems, plays, theater, comedy, photography, books, literature, e.t.c.)

'I am a homosexual' - Binyavanga Wainaina declared. However, some opponents argue there is an attempt to 'convert' others into homosexuality using Art (writing, poems, plays, theater, comedy, photography, books, literature, e.t.c.)

It is as it was

There has always been anti-gay voices in the Kenya; they just weren’t so brazen, so public. But now they are.

Despite a growing and emerging gay community, there was opposition but opposition that was not taken seriously. Until now.

In mid February 2014, the Maendeleo ya Wanaume have mobilized for national demos scheduled for next week against what they term as ‘rising cases’ of homosexuality. This call for action was the result of a month long push by several quarters speaking out against what they said was an ‘emergence’ of homosexuality especially among the youth.

In mid February, 2014, the Kenyan Muslim National Advisory Council said they were opposing any form of gay activism saying it was ‘propagating evil’ in society. Apart from calling for rehabilitation of homosexuals, they urged Members of Parlimanent to enact (new) laws against homosexuality saying the curentl awys were ‘weak and inactive.’ They are right – No one has been successfully convicted on Section 162-165 of the Penal Code that has been interpreted to make it a felony to have same sex relations. However, subsidiary legislations – such as the Sexual offenses Act 2006 – has been used to convict and sentence men and women of same sex relations including sexual acts, sexual expression or same sex intent.

The Muslim clerics were joined in the calls for new anti-gay legislation by a new lobby group, Mandate Initiative Team. This lobby group said it was ready to petition Parliament to ‘not only (further) criminalize homosexuality but also protect innocent children that they say are more gullible and can easily fall prey to the immoral act.’ They did. News reports say that the Mandate Initiative leaders have already petitioned Parliament to pass a Bill to ‘clearly outlaw’ homosexuality in Kenya. Citing threats to cut donor aid by the West, and the Bible, Peter Munga, their Chairman, said homosexuality was against God’s mandate to human being to procreate and 'fill' the earth.

As this was developing, the Kikuyu Council of Elders – another selfish quasi religio/political tribal outfit – added its voice in opposing homosexuality. The chair, Wachira Kiago, said that homosexuality was a taboo and a total abomination. They supported calls to enact new anti-gay laws.

Several prominent columnists, writers and social justice activists have also come out to strongly oppose any attempt to recognize, display or enshrine the existence of the homosexual community in Kenya. Their arguments, often biased, allege there is a ‘money being poured by the West to Kenya’ to ‘promote’ homosexuality or that the gays are intent on ‘converting ’ others to their ‘beastly act’ using theater, plays, writings or that the ‘coming out’ of a prominent African personality is an ‘offense’ to the African continent.

And then we had the letter by a ‘concerned’ Kenyan citizen who wrote to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, asking them to kill all the gays in Kenya.

Members of Kenya's gay and lesbian community picket at the Uganda High Commission in Nairobi over the Anti-Homosexuality law in Uganda; the day was also a global day of action across the world to show solidarity

Members of Kenya's gay and lesbian community picket at the Uganda High Commission in Nairobi over the Anti-Homosexuality law in Uganda; the day was also a global day of action across the world to show solidarity

A new law? Maybe.

In five countries around the world, same sex sexual conduct carries the death penalty while across the Commonwealth – with most African countries being members – penalties for homosexuality include jail sentences, flogging or death. According to the Human Dignity Trust (HDT), half a dozen Commonwealth countries specify life imprisonment, Kenya included. 38 African countries criminalize homosexuality; two have enacting new laws to further criminalize homosexuality – Nigeria and Uganda.

Kenya’s Penal Code section 162-165 already criminalise same sex acts and expression among persons of the same gender. Subsidiary laws further mention and specify provisions that make homosexuality a felony. Any attempt to formulate and enact legislations against sexual and gender minorities goes against the Supreme law in te land - the Constitution - that provides all Kenyans are equal and have a right to the enjoyment of their rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights.

An attempt at further criminalization of same sex sexualities is not only unfounded on fear and ignorance but a clear indication that we are not really ‘fighting’ Western values and impositions but rather accepting them - and in our case, homophobia. Blindly. Oh, there I said it – we are still to break from colonial mentality!




About Denis Nzioka

Denis Nzioka is the Editor of the Denis Nzioka News Agency and Service. He is a sexual and gender minorities activist, researcher, journalist and consultant based in Nairobi, Kenya. He was named World's Top 10 Tweeters on Sexuality and Development.

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12 thoughts on “This gay debate ‘is over’ says Kenya Government

  1. Sam Beard says:

    Sadly you’re probably right but I think in Kenya there are other factors that come into the equation i.e. the large expatriate population here. I think one of the reasons the anti-sodomy provisions aren’t enforced here is the fact that it would do harm to the countries “open and tolerant” image and may have repercussions such as the UN reducing its presence…Unfortunately though, in this current anti-gay hysteria I think outside the enclaves of the rich and the expatriate communities we’re probably gonna see more anti-gay violence and hate speech. I also bet that in the next few weeks some MP or Senator will present some legislation to further criminalize homosexuals.

  2. larry says:

    imprisoning gays doesnt help in any way..most have lived in a prison of self hatred ..low esteem.with no ego.The pain from homophobia,rejection …left many of numb to pain…killing gays as well doesnt help..we have had so many deaths in the past….am a gay teeneger who have had so much heartache and pain…i have died several times in the past ..i have had the spirit to carry on despite all the agony .i have nevet known peace.,killing me will kill my flesh not my spirit.


    all human beings should be treated equally with dignity and respect, why should we go criminalized homosexuals.

  4. Philip Browne says:

    Ignorance, cultural chauvinism and religious fundamentalism are drivers of homophobia across the world. In the context of Africa, where poverty, inequality and unemployment present the most critical developmental challenges, it is shameful that our politicians, religious leaders and their praise singers choose to spend their energy on harassing and persecuting sexual minorities. Can there be anything more troubling than the shamefulness of criminalising someone for being who they are – homophobia is on a par with racism, anti-semitism, misogyny – a blatant and fundamental violation of people’s dignity.

  5. Charles Mbau says:

    its sad how Africans have been so dogmatic in regards to the matters of homosexuality.Terming homosexuality as un African-homosexuals existed even before the coming of the Europeans. love knows no genders-no one is falsed into homosexuality. This
    homosexuals are you brother’s, cousins, daughters, sons and friends.
    I have shared and spent time with gay people and their are nice people and I dont see why they should face persecution due to the ignorance of certain kind of people.
    .criminalizing homosexuality in kenya will NOT reduce the rate of unemployment-poverty-improve infrastructure-reduce corruption and other more issues dragging this country behind.undermining sexual minorities is the least of your problems.
    Homosexuals have always been there and will always been there-legal or not legal..

  6. These lobbyists have so much time on their hands; they are taking it out on gays because they can’t do their jobs properly. For God’s sake how is MYM even remotely connected to lobbying against homosexuality?! It is one of those things they do to stay relevant and perish the thought if the rest of irrelevant people in Parliament who live for anti-homosexuality debate hear a word of it.


    wtf….so strict on erradicating the lgbti,what are they doing to eradicate rapists,pediphiles,abusive men,corruption…jeeez i am sure hslf of this guys are gay n r tryna save their own arse,lame lame hypocrytes


    i dont why all of asudden the law makers have switched to something that will never wake up the dead instead of doing what they were elected to do like fight poverty crimes build the nation etc which they have failled to do now that every citizen has clearly put across how they feel about their performance they are now coming up will scapegoats like these there is no harm of two consenting adults making love

  9. Adam says:

    Part of the problem for most Kenyans (including myself) is the idea that Out Gays, especially men, seem hyper-sexed just going by Western images. I’m usually indifferent on sexuality until I am confronted by those Gay Pride images with thonged men grinding on each other. Or when I stumble on articles describing how casual the sex culture is from phone apps to connect strangers to hook ups to “bath culture”. Whereas promiscuity does happen among we heteros and I’m sure among Lesbians too, gay men just seem on another level. So this is my fear . You are allowed visibility and the next thing I know gay guys are queuing in the gents to blow whoever shows up. Or will curve out a part of my local park for their random hookups. Gay men have a PR problem in other words. Hell, if I was lesbian or transexual I would pull my issues away so that they arent tainted with that toxicity.

  10. mary muthui says:

    i think the politician are try divert attention from more serious issues!how does what two consenting adult do have to do with them?how about the respect of people privacy?they should concern themselves with womens,childrens,and older people dying of hunger in many part of the country

  11. Peter Nkosi says:

    ” … across the Commonwealth – with most African countries being members – penalties for homosexuality include … flogging or death.”

    This is the sort of vague statement which we see from First World activists when they try to drum up support for LGBTs here in Africa.

    In which Commonwealth countries is flogging legal? In some cases there is outdated legislation on the Internet which activists eagerly pounce on and publicise for their campaigns. For example, in Malawi we are accused of flogging convicts, when in fact the Constitution forbids it, and CURRENT legislation makes no mention of it.

    In which Commonwealth countries is the death penalty allowed? Are we talking about Nigeria only, where SOME parts seem to allow death by stoning? How many legal executions actually take place in the Commonwealth for consensual, same-sex acts

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